“I long for the time when all the human

history is taught as one history,

because it really is one history.”

Maya Angelou

We very much appreciate the support of our community.

There are many ways you can help.

“Three generations of my family have lived in the Rainier Valley. Being a member of RHVS, I feel like an active participant in protecting our history.”

“I enjoy the time I spend helping to catalog the RVHS collection. It feels good to be a part of preserving our communities history for coming generations.”

“My family is pleased and proud that some of our heirloom photographs have become part of the RVHS collection where they will be cared for and shared with the community.”

“I feel good about our family’s giving to RVHS. It is important for our kids to know about our neighborhood’s past and how it has changed over the years.”