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Welcome to the Rainier Valley Historical Society

The Rainier Valley Historical Society records and provides access to the rich history of Seattle's Rainier Valley!

Explore the unique history of the Rainier Valley, Seattle's most diverse community!

In 1890 J. K. Edmiston built an electric railway through the heavily wooded and sparsely populated Rainier Valley, hoping to attract buyers for the lots he had platted in the town he called Columbia. Over decades that followed, unique communities grew up around the streetcar stations: the Italian neighborhood of "Garlic Gulch" at Atlantic Street, intentionally tony Mount Baker, Columbia City with its world-famous fireworks factory, Hillman City's Irish community, and so on, all the way to Taylor's Mill south of Rainier Beach.

Today some of these communities have faded from memory, but others retain their distinct identities, and new communities have taken shape.

African Americans, Latinos, and immigrants from Southeast Asia, East Africa, and elsewhere followed in the footsteps of the Italians, Germans and Irish, making new homes in this uniquely diverse community. They have formed social clubs, faith communities, and community centers.

Our mission is to document the story of the Valley and all its inhabitants through the collection, preservation, and interpretation of documents, photographs, and artifacts. Join us!

Annual Meeting 2015

This year our Annual Meeting is going to be all about baseball! We will have a reading by local author Mark Holtzen from his book, “A Ticket to the Pennant,” about the 1955 Seattle Rainiers game. On display, we will have a commemorative insert from the Post Intelligencer from 1969 celebrating Seattle’s first Major League team, along with other baseball memorabilia. We will also premiere a documentary created by Friends of Seward Park on the Japanese Torii Gate that stood in the park from 1935-1987.

May 30th, 2015

Rainier Valley Cultural Center

3515 S Alaska St, Seattle, Washington 98118

10am - noon (doors open at 9:30am)

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